What is my idea of a perfect Sunday?

This being the question of the day. Hmm for me it would be enjoying a great novel while sitting in the sun either outside or inside by a window. I would be hearing sounds of husband and sons mulling around doing their favorite things. I would like to go back to a large Sunday dinner at 2pm. With economic times being what they are, that is kind of a difficult one.

Its not uncommon for sons to come in the livingroom at any time to discuss any of a million topics. I love lazy family days or even the active ones.  Whether we are cooking a new recipe or going to a burger joint.

I know before long the day will come when they are on their own…and come to fast. I hope that we can again have a mid-day sunday dinners again. Even if they come just long enough to eat…that will still help some.

Our families were close back when I was a kid and my grandparents cooked out every sunday. We were with our cousins, close in age. I relish those sunday memories. Over the years they just kind of dwindled away. I am hoping to revive that one though.

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