Time with my sons

My sons chose a mexican restaurant nearby for our monthly evening feast. On the day of the month that I get my disability check, we have always eaten out or drive through atleast.
On this day both were starving for mexican food. Usually they are ready for chinese so this was a nice change.
After we ordered, I gazed at them as they nibbled on chips and hot sauce. Knowing evenings like this may end in a few years. That is when I made my request. I requested that since both going into nursing, Charles graduating this coming may…Spencer, at this moment, Is determined to join air force in may. So, my request was that every other Sunday at about 2pm, that we all get together for a meal out or a favorite dish they want me to cook.
I realize it won’t always be possible but there are just them and my husband and I. So we have to make promise to work hard to keep close. I am going to miss these times but have to admit,, the wonderful food soon consumed my mind. The spanish rice was so flavorful and fluffy…cooked to perfection. The beans both soft and firm to give the taster different textures with delicate flavors mingling on the palette. Not too hot..and not bland…a perfect blend and a perfect evening. It would of been better had husband Randy been able to join us but this night he was being a volunteer policeman. I had never known they had programs for volunteer policemen…am so proud of him because even at his age, he had to pass the physical assessment along with the written test. He passed all tests with flying colors but did need steroid shots in both knees bless his heart.

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